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Challenge Melbourne

Liv’s First Long Course

Posted on: Thursday 4th June 2015


In 2014, I stood at Challenge Melbourne cheering on the competitors. I was in awe of the dedication these athletes had out on the course that day in the heat, and was incredibly impressed with the actions and support the Challenge volunteers provided competitors making sure they remained safe and in good health in the hot conditions. Seeing the camaraderie and commitment these athletes and volunteers displayed, I wanted in! I had competed in some Sprint and Olympic distance triathlon events around Victoria and these events tested me physically and mentally, but I never imagined that I could compete in a long course triathlon.

I spoke to my coach and for the next 12 months I committed to training around my full time work.  Then there I was, standing at the start line ready to take on Challenge Melbourne 2015. Although the weather was not so favourable, I could not have felt more safe and supported due to the organisation, fluency and reassurance from the event staff. Also because of the location of the race. I specifically chose Challenge Melbourne because I was familiar with the course structure and also because it was so spectator friendly. Being in my hometown meant I had family and friends at all stages of the course supporting me and pushing me towards that finish line.

I will forever remember the moment I entered the finishing shute seeing my family, friends and training buddies and hearing them cheer my name. Every hour of training became worth it.  Bring on Challenge Melbourne 2016!

Liv Garlepp